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Are You Searching for a Misdemeanor Lawyer?

A misdemeanor charge can be anything from shoplifting, DUIs, solicitation of prostitution, and some domestic violence charges. These could lead to penalties such as a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail. With such serious penalties in question, it’s important to partner up with a legal professional that you can rely on. Our misdemeanor lawyer in San Bernardino County, CA has 30+ years of experience defending clients with misdemeanor charges. Whether it is your first-time misdemeanor offense or fifth, we will provide you with trustworthy misdemeanor defense. We’ll take a look at all the evidence and build a defense that protects your rights and ensure a fair outcome. Call our misdemeanor attorney and schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation. Our office can assist as your misdemeanor lawyer if you are in or around the following areas:
  • Corona, CA
  • Ontario, CA
  • Riverside, CA
  • San Bernardino County, CA
  • LA County, CA
  • Moreno Valley, CA
  • Orange County, CA
Are you or a loved one facing charges in a different area? Give us a quick call today to see if our misdemeanor lawyer can assist near you.

For Your First Time Misdemeanor Offense Make Sure to Consult With Legal Aid

Although misdemeanors entail less severe repercussions than a felony charge, it is just as important to hire a misdemeanor lawyer. You could still be facing hefty fines and jail time. If you would like to ensure your repercussions accurately reflect your situation, get in touch with Mr. Coburn and our firm. We will take a look at your circumstances and determine how severe the offense was. Then we will build up a defense that will ensure you don’t face more punishment than necessary.

Misdemeanor punishments can range from probation and community service to house arrest and drug abuse treatment. Reasonable penalties should be discussed with your misdemeanor lawyer.

If this is your first offense, the chances of successfully minimizing penalties are higher. Simply get in touch with the office today if you would like to discuss your options with an experienced misdemeanor lawyer in San Bernardino County, CA.

misdemeanor lawyer san bernardino county ca

Mr. Coburn Has Been Providing Misdemeanor Defense Since 1987

For more than 30 years, Mr. Coburn has been offering his experience and knowledge to assist clients with misdemeanor charges. He understands that no matter how severe the charge, it is stressful dealing with court processes and repercussions. Our misdemeanor lawyer has the ability to successfully negotiate with prosecutors. With misdemeanor charges, informal deferred prosecution is possible. Meaning, there is no requirement for a written agreement with the court. A lawyer can ensure an informal deferred prosecution requiring things such as community service for you.

Get in touch with our seasoned and successful attorney if you are ready to have representation that you can rely on. When you call today, schedule your free 30-minute consultation!

Contact The Firm and Plan With Your New Misdemeanor Attorney Today

Want to devise a strong defense for your trial? Our firm can help you. If you are in or around the San Bernardino County, CA area, we are here to assist you in any way we can. We have dealt with hundreds of clients that have been in the same situation as you before. So, we have the necessary experience needed to handle cases like these with ease. Contact us today if you are ready to speak about your charge. We will listen to you and provide you with the support needed to quickly get through this difficult time.

To learn more about the misdemeanor court process of relevant California misdemeanor laws, contact our firm.

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