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Are You Searching for an Efficient Assault Lawyer?

Have you been charged with assault and battery? An assault and battery charge in California can lead to fines up to two thousand dollars and/or up to six months in county jail. With such serious penalties, it’s important that you team up with an assault lawyer. They will inform you of your rights and evaluate the severity of the situation. Here at the Law Offices of H. Christopher Coburn, we take the time to thoroughly investigate your charge so that you do not end up facing repercussions that are unfair. Contact our criminal offense lawyer in Ontario, CA today. They are well versed in violent crime law and assault law. With more than 30 years of experience, we are confident in our legal services. If you are in or around the areas listed below, partner up with our firm in California:
  • Riverside, CA
  • San Bernardino County, CA
  • Orange County, CA
  • LA County, CA
  • Corona, CA
  • Moreno Valley, CA
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Assault Law: Why You Should Consult With a Legal Professional

You can be charged with assault and battery if you have threatened to harm an individual. Assault is the attempt to use violence while battery refers to the actual act of using force on someone else. There are a number of defenses that you could utilize when fighting these charges in California. This includes acting in self-defense or acting against your will. If you would like to further discuss your scenario, get in touch with our experienced assault lawyer in Ontario, CA. They will be able to evaluate your charge and situation, then determine the best way for you to proceed. In addition, they will inform you of your rights and negotiate with the prosecutor. Our firm is dedicated to defending you no matter how complex the case.

With proven results assisting clients in difficult positions, you know that you can trust us with yours. Contact us now to gain a reliable legal partner in Ontario, CA.

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Mr. Coburn Has Been Providing Violent Crime Law Services Since 1987

In California, a number of things are considered a violent crime. Offenses such as assault, battery, a sex offense, and murder are a few. Don’t undergo investigation and a serious criminal charge without an attorney by your side. Your chances of reducing penalties are higher when you have an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional. With experience dealing with serious charges and building defenses, Mr. Coburn and his firm are confident in their services. He has 30+ years of knowledge and experience in the field. So, when you hire him you can have peace of mind knowing he is familiar with laws regarding violent crime.

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Consult With Chris and make Him Your Criminal Offense Lawyer Today

Depending on the circumstances, you could reduce probation or jail time. This all varies on your specific situation. That’s why you should reach out to an assault lawyer near you. They will be able to tell you in detail how you can put yourself in the best position possible. This means informing you of the basics of criminal and assault law and walking you through possible defenses. No matter how minor or major the offense, we take each case just as serious.

Place your trust in us when it comes to dealing with a criminal charge. Being accomplished and experienced litigators, we know that our personalized services provide realistic and effective solutions. Contact us now if you would like to schedule your initial consultation.

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